Episode 6


On Site: Boylan’s Cream Soda

What we’ve been up to:

Matt: Nintendo’s New 3DS, Zelda: A Link Between Worlds; Holy City Nutty Rooster; Cutthroat Caverns.

Jirah: Injustice mobile game; Starline drinkware; Red Dead Redemption.

Merrick: Titanfall; Saints Row.


  • Early Access Games / Kickstarter
    • Strip Search from Penny Arcade
    • Table Top Death Match
  • Daybreak Game Company (Formerly Sony Online Entertainment) layoffs
  • In house programming languages:
    • Google Go
    • Apple Swift
  • NSA Hard Drive spying / Stuxnet
  • Lenovo Man-In-The-Middle Root Cert on Windows machines

Closing Recommendations: 

Merrick: Titanfall

Matt: Holy City Brewing brewery

Episode 5

On Site: Hansen’s Natural Cane Soda Root Beer

What we’ve been up to:

Matt: 3DS eludes him and a taste of Coast Brewing’s Blackbeerd Imperial Stout.

Jirah: Kingsman: Secret Service does not provide a convincing closing argument.

Merrick: Moving; don’t do it.  Brooklyn 99; watch it.


  • Revisiting the Time Travel Discussion from the past.
  • 2015’s Featured 2013’s Topic of the Day: 23 & Me and medical advice.
  • Jon Stewart bids farewell from the Daily Show
  • Chrome’s additional baggage of creating competition for the consumer.
  • The Movie Name Game, working title (“Wait, What Movie Are You Watching?” possibly?)
  • H-01k: Self-Driving Cars
    • Small town sheriff’s in need of revenue streams, eye Kickstarter
    • “I’m not taking you to the vet, Fido; the robot is…”
    • Parking-shmarking
    • If driving cars is outlawed, Matt is going to blow up an engine… 
  • Facebook Messenger is sucking the life out of your phone in latest update.

Closing Recommendations: 

Merrick: Watch the movie “Men at Work”

Episode 4