Episode 10

Episode 9

Corrections: Pocket Cast for Android can now remove silence in podcasts

Onsite: Boylan’s Creme Soda

What We’ve Been Up To:

Matt: Cities: Skyline

Merrick: Make It Rain: The Love of Money

Jirah: Absolutely nothing


Episode 8

Onsite: Boylan’s Creamy Red Birch Beer

What we’ve been up to:

Jirah: read Injustice: Gods Among Us comics 

Matt: saw Chappie

Merrick: played  Bully 


Episode 7

  1. Introductions
  2. Follow up – Corrections Department
    1. Pecan
  3. What have you been Playing/Testing/Drinking
    1. On site beverage: Virgil’s Root Beer
    1. Jirah
      1. Time Travel
      2. Harry Potter
      3. Star Trek
    2. Matt
      1. H1Z1
    3. Merrick
  4. News / Topics
    1. Fight Cub 2: http://chuckpalahniuk.net/books/fight-club-2
    2. Blade Runner 2 – http://www.theguardian.com/film/2015/feb/27/blade-runner-sequel-confirmed-with-harrison-ford-returning
    3. Online retailers
    4. KFC Edible coffee cup http://www.cnet.com/news/done-drinking-your-kfc-coffee-eat-the-cup/
    5. Clever wifi names for my new house
      1. New router http://thewirecutter.com/reviews/best-wi-fi-router/
    6. House of cards
  5. Closing Recommendations
    1. Jirah
    2. Matt – H1Z1
    3. Merrick – Wirecutter

Episode 7

On site: Virgil’s Root Beer

What we’ve been up to:

Matt: H1Z1

Jirah: still debating time travel with Merrick, playing Space Age

Merrick: Titanfall