Episode 16


With Episode 15 Lost to Time,  Matthew and Merrick terrify a babysitter, while Jirah prioritizes Avenging.  Matt and Merrick still try to create the magic that was Episode 15, and loose something in the translation.

On Site Beer: Freehouse Brewery’s Ashley Farmhouse Ale


  • Matt: 
    • Hearthstone on Android
    • Mount your Friends
    • Lethal League
    • Gang Beasts
  • Merrick
    • The Force Unleashed II
    • Xbox Achievements, 70%
  • Jirah
    • #include <crickets.h>;

News & Topics

  • Overlord game
  • Tweeting is public, and tweeting about hacking a plane is going to cause someone to listen
  • Microsoft //Build/ conference
    • Windows 10
    • Windows 10 for Phones
      • Android and iOS code re-compilers
      • Continuum
      • iOS WiFi hack

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