Episode 32

Merrick is out in the wind, probably LARPing as a mountain man.  His spot is filled by Jillian.  Nepotisim at its finest.  While the modified crew sips on Sam Adams Octoberfest and an Omission Pale Ale they discuss their week, covering the Week of Dick (Phillip K. Dick movies), Counterstrike, and their car troubles.

They review Google’s missed opportunity in naming it Android Marshmallow, how our American fighting robot is panhandling, and the best gear for a road trip.  Jirah doesn’t realize how confused he is about the state of the Duke Nukem rights, and they further try to put you to sleep by talking about Apple products and updates.

Jirah has a recommendation for you about sunscreen: Use it.  Properly.

Episode 31


Beer: Evil Twin Imperial Doughnut Break


  • Chef
  • Total Recall (1990)


  • Rogue Legacy
  • Tomb Raider
  • Rare Replay
  • Volume
  • Magic something


  • Dragon Ball Z
  • Halo LAN Party
  • Mission Impossible



  • Merrick: Mechanical Keyboards
  • Jirah: Phillip K. Dick movies
  • Matthew: Silicon Valley

Episode 30

  1. Introductions
  2. Beverages: Cannonborough Blueberry Vanilla and Birds Fly South – Rustic Sunday
    • Jirah
      • Zoo Tycoon
      • Reply All podcast
    • Matt
      • Corvette Project
      • Guitar Pedals
      • Destiny
    • Merrick
  3. News / Topics

Episode 29

  • Introductions
  • Follow up – Corrections Department
    • Six guns

Beverage: Stone Farking Wheaton Wootstout

  • Jirah
    • Couldn’t get Windows 10
  • Matt
    • SGDQ
    • Win 10 gaming
  • Merrick
    • King’s Quest
    • Rouge Legacy
    • Streaming to Windows 10
    • Minecraft Beta for Windows 10

News / Topics

  • Xbox Summer Spotlight
  • Snoopdogg ncaa 14
  • BattleBots
    • Nightmare is my nightmare
    • Crazy good driving by BiteForce
    • BiteForce: The Return…
    • Announcers – Comedians?
  • Windows 10