Episode 65

With Jirah and Will’s absence weighing heavy on Matt and Merrick, they recruit a third member, Jessica, to record and hunt for clues on their whereabouts.  With a growler of Holy City Brewing’s Smells Like Rick at hand, the crew decide to just deal with their lost compadres tomorrow and reassure themselves with empty platitudes of “Oh, I’m sure their fine; no open wells around these here parts.”

Matt talks about some time he got with Life is Strange how Dark Souls 3 is consuming all his free time aside from when he’s elbow deep working on his tranny, fixing his blow-off-valve, or adjusting his driveshaft.

Jessica covers her current focus of raising children and Pinata and the subtle differences between while laying out plans for a fun family weekend activity destined for Pinterest.

Merrick argues his spelling of “Binged” and “binged”, tells a haunting tale of the pro soda drinking circuit, Archer, and Quantum Break.

In the news we talk about a successfully funded Dark Souls board game on Kickstarter, and the impending half-step console for PlayStation, will Microsoft answer to this PlayStation 4.5 (or 4k, or NEO, or whatever?), I, for one, hope not.