Episode 66

The crew fully assembles to record this week’s episode of the MAC Address Podcast and the crew drinks Dale’s Pale Ale and Henry’s Hard Orange Soda.  Catching up on what happened in the past week or three they find it hard to stay on topic as they veer off into talk about the upcoming Hardcore Henry theatrical release.

Jirah experiences for himself the console-to-PC streaming capabilities of the Xbox to a pleasantly surprising good experience, then rescues his vault residents after abandoning them for months in the wasteland, and his other mobile game that plays itself with childish giggling about his guild’s name.

Will was too busy working and cosplaying as “Florida Man” to play many games, but finds some time to squeeze in Theatrythm jamming out to some Final Fantasy jams while the lady next to him on the flight thinks she’s dealing with a late stage Parkinson’s patient.

Matt got a new phone case with excellent practical joke potential and then exposes his crazy fake video game religion.  Sun for the Sun God, blood for the purple bros.  He also helped build a wall to Make His Backyard Great Again.  He also tried his darndest to figure out how to use a spray paint can.

Merrick wrapped up some video games off his achievement tracking list, tried out the Mirror’s Edge beta, and watched a show on Netflix.

In the news Romero tries to make another go at it, getting some people on board with his Kickstarter.  I remain skeptical, others do not as it’s already more than 10% of its way to the goal in the first 24 hours.

All Bangladeshi security experts must have migrated to India because their bank had so little security it surprising someone didn’t accidently steal money from them years ago.

Gearbox has a Borderlands has a movie in the works and Merrick is a bit jaded in regards to American violence in the media as news surfaces that they are aiming towards an hard “R” rating.

At some point Merrick starts to ramble on about how he doesn’t like the “half step” consoles coming from Sony; no word on Microsoft at this time.  By no means being articulate about his point, Merrick is pretty sure they’ll just fuck it up, while Jirah likes the possibility of a well executed granular updates to the hardware yearly.

The crew then recommends some stuff that I don’t remember.  I’m blaming Dale for the memory loss.