Episode 71

All right.  Show notes… hmmmm…

We drink Bee Happy which is a Honey Pale Ale from Holy City.  It’s good.

Jirah plays Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine.  It’s a good game, but can be difficult at parts.  He also picks up on a new podcast Hello, From the Magic Tavern and is enjoying that.  Plenty of inside jokes to go around with that podcast, and I just realized that the magical land is Foon; I thought it was Thun.  He also brought us a boat load of snacks from Japan where some are better than others.

Matt plays Doom and really enjoys the game.  He also played Overwatch, but we’ll get to that.

Merrick has passed off the things he doesn’t want to do to his wife who has taken up completing Thief, and is diving deep back into Xbox 360’s Peggle.

Now, Will.  Will hates League of Legends.  A lot.  Like, a whole lot.  Like, He’s talking about how much he loves something (Blizzard games) and are derailed to divulge how much he really does not like LoL.  But he does like movies, such as X-Men the new one and Deadpool.

We didn’t even talk about the other League that we don’t hate, eLeague. ELeague?  E League?  E-League? whatever.  It’s Counter-Strike, on TV, in public places.  It’s cool, but it’s also on late and I get up early.

We then talk about being embarrassed decades later, battle bots, automation, speculation on the Xbox rumors and upcoming E3 spectacle, as well as Star Wars: Rogue One re-shoots.

But don’t take my word for it! Have a listen…



Episode 70

This week we drink two beers.  Because one is not enough.  We have Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Mango Astronaut Ale which is quite good, and 21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon ale.  It is also quite good, the fruit is not overpowering but delicious.

Jirah syncs his password in the cloud and shares with family all of his most deepest darkest web secrets.

Matt plays Doom and really likes it.  He plays Overwatch and really likes it.  He reads Ready Player One and he kinda likes it.  He’s just a likey kinda guy.

Merrick plays Thief and hates it.  He listens to a new podcast, Friends of the Table, and likes it; looking forward to a new season coming up.  He also dives into Hearthstone a bit, and isn’t sunk, but has little chance of escaping.

Will does some Pokemoning competitively and flexes that poke muscle pretty well, as well as squeezing in some Overwatch.

The crew moves on to talk about fast food restaurants and the liberal use of that word (FOOD) when it comes to Sbarro’s.  What’s coming up in June for Games with Gold on Xbox, as well as local constables ringing up criminals on their mobile telly asking them to be Canadian about the whole thing and turn themselves in to surprising results.  Also Deer are pretty dumb.


Episode 68

Podcasters assemble with a full crew this week. We celebrate by drinking Rebel Grapefruit IPA. It’s ok; mild on the grapefruit, mild on the IPA, to make a passable beverage.

Will has been busy playing the Pokémon themed Tekken fighter Pokén and diving into the Overwatch beta which has Over-shadowed (see what I did there?) the Battleborn release. Jirah plays a mobile game War Tortoise and Matt lights the world on fire by completing Dark Souls 3. Merrick has just been busy playing the Farmville clone, Stardew Valley.

Surprise, there is some more VR talk this week, with some new releases coming out, and the group that has tried the experience is fiending to jack back in.

It’s been busy week for games:

Oh, and everyone is shitting on the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer and loving all up on the Battlefield One trailer on YouTube.

But really, what makes a game? Is pushing a button a game? Sure. Why not? Go play some War Tortoise, VR, Stardew Valley, or Pokémon and don’t think too hard about these deep, troublesome metaphysical questions.

Episode 67

Move on, folks, nothing to see here. Merrick is out for this week, but the rest of the crew still gathers to do the dance.

They can barely contain themselves from talking about their VR experiences with the HTC Vive right off the bat, but they show amazing restraint and dive into Blizzard helping them get their Yoggs off as they talk Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Diablo.

Then they get down to the meat of it and talk about ditching Reality Reality for Virtual Reality. Matt realizes that he surely looks silly as all get out with the headset on, but they don’t care and go full Tony Stark with the games that are available.

Then they talk more about VR.

They finally move on to talk about reality that is virtual.

Oh, and Nintendo has something new coming out and are not doing anything in the near future to tell you what it is.

Jirah is mad that Merrick has ditched his connections to the physical and earthly gaming goods, but then points out that Comcast has done the unexpected and is implementing a policy that is pro-consumer, but you gotta pay.