Episode 68

Podcasters assemble with a full crew this week. We celebrate by drinking Rebel Grapefruit IPA. It’s ok; mild on the grapefruit, mild on the IPA, to make a passable beverage.

Will has been busy playing the Pokémon themed Tekken fighter Pokén and diving into the Overwatch beta which has Over-shadowed (see what I did there?) the Battleborn release. Jirah plays a mobile game War Tortoise and Matt lights the world on fire by completing Dark Souls 3. Merrick has just been busy playing the Farmville clone, Stardew Valley.

Surprise, there is some more VR talk this week, with some new releases coming out, and the group that has tried the experience is fiending to jack back in.

It’s been busy week for games:

Oh, and everyone is shitting on the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer and loving all up on the Battlefield One trailer on YouTube.

But really, what makes a game? Is pushing a button a game? Sure. Why not? Go play some War Tortoise, VR, Stardew Valley, or Pokémon and don’t think too hard about these deep, troublesome metaphysical questions.