Episode 70

This week we drink two beers.  Because one is not enough.  We have Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Mango Astronaut Ale which is quite good, and 21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon ale.  It is also quite good, the fruit is not overpowering but delicious.

Jirah syncs his password in the cloud and shares with family all of his most deepest darkest web secrets.

Matt plays Doom and really likes it.  He plays Overwatch and really likes it.  He reads Ready Player One and he kinda likes it.  He’s just a likey kinda guy.

Merrick plays Thief and hates it.  He listens to a new podcast, Friends of the Table, and likes it; looking forward to a new season coming up.  He also dives into Hearthstone a bit, and isn’t sunk, but has little chance of escaping.

Will does some Pokemoning competitively and flexes that poke muscle pretty well, as well as squeezing in some Overwatch.

The crew moves on to talk about fast food restaurants and the liberal use of that word (FOOD) when it comes to Sbarro’s.  What’s coming up in June for Games with Gold on Xbox, as well as local constables ringing up criminals on their mobile telly asking them to be Canadian about the whole thing and turn themselves in to surprising results.  Also Deer are pretty dumb.