Episode 74

This week, Matt talks briefly about setting up a CS:GO Server so his merry band of misfits can craft a CS:GO Map.  It’s exactly when you drew that Mario level on graph paper to send to Nintendo because that kid’s uncle works for Nintendo (sure he did…).  He also fires up the quaint Stardew Valley to prep his farm for Merrick’s shenanigans when they add in Co-Op play.

Will has been diving deep into the earth and space playing Starbound.

Merrick plays Just Cause 3, and although it’s a great game, there are some serious performance issues on console.  I’m sure it’s just dandy on PC.  He also covers Xbox Fitness closing doors, but not before giving us one of the best workouts ever: Xbox Fitness Zombies, where you do exercises and run from Zombies doing the exercises.  Fun to watch, also a good workout.

BattleBots chugs along this new season with great battles as we go through the qualifying rounds.  In other news, Batman collection has been delayed until it’s done.  New System Shock game is up on Kickstarter.  New Xbox Live Games with Gold look ok.  Finally, Overwatch gets its competitive play.