Episode 78

We drink Holy City Brewing’s Simon Saison tonight.  I’m writing this late so I don’t remember much of anything.

Jirah watches Interstellar and Buffy.

Matt is stoked on Stranger Things and Hardcore History.

Will is still going though his Mass Effect play through with the wife.

Verizon and Yahoo are going to get married.  Verizon is bringing the dowry of $4.8 Billion.  Battlebots continues to be dope.  South Park continues to be amusing.  What do they do when they strip a road.  And Apple’s Apple TV shows continue to sound unappealing.

Episode 77

Finally, the time has arrived.  Voltron has it’s left leg back.  The Power Rangers have their Pink Ranger.  Captain Planet found that weird Indian kid who represents heart again.  That’s right!  A full cast and crew for the latest MAC Address Podcast!

We drink Holy City Brewing Muy Paradiso, which smells good, and tastes even better, if you like the prominent jalapenos that keep this pale ale out of the hoppy bitterness range.  The pineapple smell is inviting, and the jalapenos burn you with a surprisingly smooth taste that work well together.  Our initial reactions were good, but hard to recreate the second time around because of a recording malfunction, but we still try; we’re not very good actors.

We have to cover a lot of ground with what me missed going on with Jirah, who had a boatload of time to watch some sweet digital video content.  He was worried that he had lost the ability to like retro games, but it turns out, it was just a really shitty game to begin with.

Matt has been keeping up with Overwatch and their new support hero Ana, who shoots people, good and bad, from across the map.  He’s also been playing a bit of pinball, and working on brushing up his niche map Counter-Strike Skills.

Will has been traveling all across the county, by foot, by car, by train, and secretly debating getting a drone to help him catch those Pokémon all over town.  Pokémon Go is the name of this craze, and our podcast is not immune to this games zeitgeist.  Will provides a friendly reminder to fact-check the fucking internet before spreading rumors.

Merrick started playing the Walking Dead: Michonne game on Xbox and its pretty good.  He also really likes Mr. Robot which has the first season on Amazon Prime video and the show comes on USA.

In news, Apple is trying their hands at bad puns and house made content with a  reality show called… “Planet of the Apps” about App Store developers.  I hope it covers the crushing realization that after years of hard work developing this app three days after release there are a thousand clones and no one wanted it in the first place.

BattleBots was delayed this week, but we catch up on Jirah’s thoughts on the previous weeks and matches because the fights this season have been nothing short of SPECTACULAR.  Relatively few surprises have popped up on the show, but that matters not, as the actual robot fighting has been brutal and fun in just about each matchup.

We talk about a young Han Solo being cast in Alan Ehrenreich, and I express my hopes that he will also be shoehorned into playing a new round of GOOD Indiana Jones movies.

We also have a game giveaway going on for Chronic on, which I’ve played since the recording of the episode, and it’s a big, well made, fun, 2D, clicky slasher.  I haven’t gotten too deep, but between the choice of characters and play styles available , its a fun game, and I would recommend it, but better yet, <Sell-Out Protocol> you can win it if you email merrick@macaddresspodcast.com before 0100 hours on 26 July 2016 saying that you want a chance to win the game!  Thanks to the developer for providing us with a code </Sell-Out Protocol>.

Then we ask the hard hitting questions about aquatic life, and realize we shouldn’t update the show notes when we’ve been drinking… or maybe we should do that more?  I’m terrible with morals of stories.

Episode 76

Like the rest of the world right now, this week is all Pokémon Go all the time.  It’s like that South Park Chinpokomon episode.

It’s a short one this week, with just Merrick and Matt.

Merrick finished up Halt and Catch Fire season 2, which was ok, but mostly setting up for Season 3, it seemed.

Matt played through INSIDE and it is at the top of his list for 2016; that’s right, pack it up developers, we’re done here.  Doom and Inside take it.  He also has started down the deep dark rabbit hole of buying domain names based on friendly jokes, at speedkhajit.com.  Next thing you know, he’ll be managing the top level domain *.khajit.  He also started culturing himself with the Hardcore History podcast.

Then we talk online sales, between Amazon Prime day and Steam Summer Sale, Matt will need to buy a bigger house to store all his digital lockers full of stuff.

Also a new graphics API in the arena called Vulkan, which I would regurgitate the Wikipedia article for you, since I had to read up on it, but you can do that your damn self.

Then the good stuff.  Battlebots.  Battlebots.  BATTLEBOTS! This is where we really feel the weight of Jirah being out so many weeks, because there have been SO MANY good Bot battles and battery blood spilled.  Minotaur is the one to watch this season, I say.

We also eat new Pop Tarts.  Orange Crush and A&W Root Beer flavor.  If I were to rate them, I’d give the Orange Crush a 2 packs of foreign Haribo candies out of an aligator, and the Root Beer a 4.5 humming birds out of badgers.  You know the root beer is good because my wife sent me to work with the Orange Crush ones, and I haven’t been able to find where she hid the A&W.

Hopefully next week we’ll see a full house, or at least have the Cylons send a humanoid representative in their stead.

Episode 75

Tonight we drink to Summer Love by Victory Beer.  It’s ok, a bit hoppy for a summer golden ale.  Matt didn’t like it though, but in the past week there has been plenty to like…

Will continues to be the lord of all Pokémon meta, killing it in his draft and relaying some of the cool new tech that was utilized in Nationals, busts out a whole slew of Nintendo Handhelds to ‘touch swords’ with his friends in Four Swords Adventures, and continues to chug along in Mass Effect.

Mr. Matt has been working on a lot of cars.  He’s also played his hand at competitive Overwatch, which is still a fun game, but Blizzard has a long way to go with its ranking system, I mean, not a single Legendary Eagle to be had in that game at all.

Merrick has been watching a whole bunch of TV with Halt and Catch Fire Season 2, a few episodes of Peaky Blinders, and a small snippet of Mr. Robot, as well as all of the BattleBots…

And what a bot battle it is!  So much good robot fighting time is had, and this season is just getting started.  Robots spinning themselves so fast they explode themselves, just desserts being served by an overly cocky driver destroying their own bot by holding back, some real goofy entrances, and some real surprising opening performances from first-time battle-botters.  Watch it.  Now.

Next on the excitement level is Nathan’s Annual Hot Dog Eating contest, where the reigning champ remains supreme by downing 70(!) hot dogs in 10 minutes.  Nine years running, Joey Chestnut continues his reign of hot dog terror destroying the competition by about 20 hot dogs.  Let’s just say Merrick has a new 4th of July festivity to celebrate each year.

In other good news, Charleston’s local Southend Brewery is getting an update by being taken over by Lagunas brewery from Petaluma, California and being turned into a better version of itself.

CS:GO is being tumultuous with lawsuits against Valve by enabling gambling by everyone, minors included, as well as shady-ass YouTubers rigging the system and being real dirt-bags.

But to end on a good note, Red Dead Redemption is coming to Xbox One backwards compatibility to give more people the option to play this amazing game.

We also recommend things that I don’t remember, and if you want to find out what that is, listen to the podcast, I can’t do everything for you, you sea-cow.


The MAC Address Podcast team