Episode 75

Tonight we drink to Summer Love by Victory Beer.  It’s ok, a bit hoppy for a summer golden ale.  Matt didn’t like it though, but in the past week there has been plenty to like…

Will continues to be the lord of all Pokémon meta, killing it in his draft and relaying some of the cool new tech that was utilized in Nationals, busts out a whole slew of Nintendo Handhelds to ‘touch swords’ with his friends in Four Swords Adventures, and continues to chug along in Mass Effect.

Mr. Matt has been working on a lot of cars.  He’s also played his hand at competitive Overwatch, which is still a fun game, but Blizzard has a long way to go with its ranking system, I mean, not a single Legendary Eagle to be had in that game at all.

Merrick has been watching a whole bunch of TV with Halt and Catch Fire Season 2, a few episodes of Peaky Blinders, and a small snippet of Mr. Robot, as well as all of the BattleBots…

And what a bot battle it is!  So much good robot fighting time is had, and this season is just getting started.  Robots spinning themselves so fast they explode themselves, just desserts being served by an overly cocky driver destroying their own bot by holding back, some real goofy entrances, and some real surprising opening performances from first-time battle-botters.  Watch it.  Now.

Next on the excitement level is Nathan’s Annual Hot Dog Eating contest, where the reigning champ remains supreme by downing 70(!) hot dogs in 10 minutes.  Nine years running, Joey Chestnut continues his reign of hot dog terror destroying the competition by about 20 hot dogs.  Let’s just say Merrick has a new 4th of July festivity to celebrate each year.

In other good news, Charleston’s local Southend Brewery is getting an update by being taken over by Lagunas brewery from Petaluma, California and being turned into a better version of itself.

CS:GO is being tumultuous with lawsuits against Valve by enabling gambling by everyone, minors included, as well as shady-ass YouTubers rigging the system and being real dirt-bags.

But to end on a good note, Red Dead Redemption is coming to Xbox One backwards compatibility to give more people the option to play this amazing game.

We also recommend things that I don’t remember, and if you want to find out what that is, listen to the podcast, I can’t do everything for you, you sea-cow.


The MAC Address Podcast team