Episode 76

Like the rest of the world right now, this week is all Pokémon Go all the time.  It’s like that South Park Chinpokomon episode.

It’s a short one this week, with just Merrick and Matt.

Merrick finished up Halt and Catch Fire season 2, which was ok, but mostly setting up for Season 3, it seemed.

Matt played through INSIDE and it is at the top of his list for 2016; that’s right, pack it up developers, we’re done here.  Doom and Inside take it.  He also has started down the deep dark rabbit hole of buying domain names based on friendly jokes, at speedkhajit.com.  Next thing you know, he’ll be managing the top level domain *.khajit.  He also started culturing himself with the Hardcore History podcast.

Then we talk online sales, between Amazon Prime day and Steam Summer Sale, Matt will need to buy a bigger house to store all his digital lockers full of stuff.

Also a new graphics API in the arena called Vulkan, which I would regurgitate the Wikipedia article for you, since I had to read up on it, but you can do that your damn self.

Then the good stuff.  Battlebots.  Battlebots.  BATTLEBOTS! This is where we really feel the weight of Jirah being out so many weeks, because there have been SO MANY good Bot battles and battery blood spilled.  Minotaur is the one to watch this season, I say.

We also eat new Pop Tarts.  Orange Crush and A&W Root Beer flavor.  If I were to rate them, I’d give the Orange Crush a 2 packs of foreign Haribo candies out of an aligator, and the Root Beer a 4.5 humming birds out of badgers.  You know the root beer is good because my wife sent me to work with the Orange Crush ones, and I haven’t been able to find where she hid the A&W.

Hopefully next week we’ll see a full house, or at least have the Cylons send a humanoid representative in their stead.