Episode 80

This week we try Cheerwine’s hot new take on soda and donuts with Cheerwine’s Kreme.  It’s not actually as bad as I thought it was going to be.  It’s just a sweet Cheerwine.

Jirah taps into his industrial and efficiency robot-self and plays Factorio with two thumbs up.  He is also planning on a hot new ride.  Pod bay doors are opening for a new minivan!

Matt plays some D&D and does everything but watch DOTA with the TI6 VR app.

Merrick is playing Wolfenstein: The Old Blood.  He also plays Ben-Hur, watches the Olympics, and goes shopping for a bike.

Will says farewell, looks forward to good internet and watches the new Star Trek movie.

Battlebots was kinda boring this week, but still a good showing. Companies have trouble figuring out how to internet.  And some peoples opinions are worth more than others.

Episode 79

Quick and quiet podcast today.  Merrick drinks a Happy Hermit.  Everyone else drinks, like, water or something.

Merrick plays Quadrilateral Cowboy and Fallout Shelter.

Matthew plays Overwatch’s new brawl mode Lucio-Ball and Merrick makes a super smart and topical joke about Lucille Ball.

We talk Pokémon in here as well, but I usually black out when that conversation starts up.

Should we look forward to No Man’s Sky?  No man knows, yet.

And did you think I forgot?  No, Battlebots is still dope.