Episode 75

Tonight we drink to Summer Love by Victory Beer.  It’s ok, a bit hoppy for a summer golden ale.  Matt didn’t like it though, but in the past week there has been plenty to like…

Will continues to be the lord of all Pokémon meta, killing it in his draft and relaying some of the cool new tech that was utilized in Nationals, busts out a whole slew of Nintendo Handhelds to ‘touch swords’ with his friends in Four Swords Adventures, and continues to chug along in Mass Effect.

Mr. Matt has been working on a lot of cars.  He’s also played his hand at competitive Overwatch, which is still a fun game, but Blizzard has a long way to go with its ranking system, I mean, not a single Legendary Eagle to be had in that game at all.

Merrick has been watching a whole bunch of TV with Halt and Catch Fire Season 2, a few episodes of Peaky Blinders, and a small snippet of Mr. Robot, as well as all of the BattleBots…

And what a bot battle it is!  So much good robot fighting time is had, and this season is just getting started.  Robots spinning themselves so fast they explode themselves, just desserts being served by an overly cocky driver destroying their own bot by holding back, some real goofy entrances, and some real surprising opening performances from first-time battle-botters.  Watch it.  Now.

Next on the excitement level is Nathan’s Annual Hot Dog Eating contest, where the reigning champ remains supreme by downing 70(!) hot dogs in 10 minutes.  Nine years running, Joey Chestnut continues his reign of hot dog terror destroying the competition by about 20 hot dogs.  Let’s just say Merrick has a new 4th of July festivity to celebrate each year.

In other good news, Charleston’s local Southend Brewery is getting an update by being taken over by Lagunas brewery from Petaluma, California and being turned into a better version of itself.

CS:GO is being tumultuous with lawsuits against Valve by enabling gambling by everyone, minors included, as well as shady-ass YouTubers rigging the system and being real dirt-bags.

But to end on a good note, Red Dead Redemption is coming to Xbox One backwards compatibility to give more people the option to play this amazing game.

We also recommend things that I don’t remember, and if you want to find out what that is, listen to the podcast, I can’t do everything for you, you sea-cow.


The MAC Address Podcast team

Episode 74

This week, Matt talks briefly about setting up a CS:GO Server so his merry band of misfits can craft a CS:GO Map.  It’s exactly when you drew that Mario level on graph paper to send to Nintendo because that kid’s uncle works for Nintendo (sure he did…).  He also fires up the quaint Stardew Valley to prep his farm for Merrick’s shenanigans when they add in Co-Op play.

Will has been diving deep into the earth and space playing Starbound.

Merrick plays Just Cause 3, and although it’s a great game, there are some serious performance issues on console.  I’m sure it’s just dandy on PC.  He also covers Xbox Fitness closing doors, but not before giving us one of the best workouts ever: Xbox Fitness Zombies, where you do exercises and run from Zombies doing the exercises.  Fun to watch, also a good workout.

BattleBots chugs along this new season with great battles as we go through the qualifying rounds.  In other news, Batman collection has been delayed until it’s done.  New System Shock game is up on Kickstarter.  New Xbox Live Games with Gold look ok.  Finally, Overwatch gets its competitive play.

Episode 73

Today we drink a Little Sumptin’ Sumptin’ from Lagunitas and talk about a few things.

Matt worked on a car.

Merrick doesn’t like Goat Simulator and does like Sheltered.

Will tells us about his trip and some surprising twists in the competitive Pokémon scene with some stealth competitions at conventions and work on the Fake Format work he’s been doing.  He’s also been going through with his wife on a new Mass Effect play through.

The crew talks about what the new Red Dead game should be named, and Matt wins with the Red Dead Revival suggestion.  We hope Rockstar will put out a new Table Tennis game for VR.  Mighty Number Nine looks bad.  And the American Gods TV show is looking good.

Then we take a quiz from Cosmopolitan magazine which is insulting to everyone involved, from the magazine owners, to the writers, to the target audience, to the target subject of the quiz.  It’s sad.

And Tencent buys Supercell, the makers of Clash of Clans and that other new game Clash Royale, for $8.6 Billion dollars.  That’s a lot of dollars.  Like, too much dollars.  It’s almost as sad as that Cosmo quiz.

Episode 72

Today we try a soda beverage from Orca Beverage Soda Works named “Brownie Carmel Cream Root Beer”.  We try to figure out what you’d call it: Brownie?  Orca?  Well, it was ok.  Not great, definitely not bad; were taking the middle of the road with this one, it’s a soda, and there are better out there.

Jirah got a new watch.  It purports to be smart, but he has just started the testing phase, and we’ll get the low down on if wearables are the hot new trend of the future.  Dick Tracy, out.

Matt got a new keyboard, a wee little dogger, with nice clickies, and his mother made the most adorable ska-themed (black and white checkerboard) carrying case for it to take on the go.  It’s not exactly a wearable, but it’s small and nice enough that it could be with the right strap.  He’s also caught up on the podcast “Hello, from the Magic Tavern” so we can now talk about the meta.

Will was traded to Florida, so we’ll see if he comes back alive next week.

Merrick played through the whole Master Chief Saga playlist on The Master Chief Collection for Xbox One and actually listened to the story this time.  Although it is convoluted, it does make more sense than he originally thought.  He’s also been up on Mirror’s Edge Catalyst and, although he is enjoying his time, it is a tentative recommendation, because it’s not for everyone, though running around in the world is quite fun to do.

In news, Chile is giving away solar energy for free because they didn’t invest enough in storage that they have nothing else to do with it, Walmart is going to start using Uber and Lyft to deliver groceries if you can stand to have Walmart employees touch your stuff, and someone started a false reporting campaign on Waze to keep you from driving in his neighborhood.

Xcom 2 is coming to consoles and Star Trek has a new Bridge Commander type VR game in the works and actors of crews past seem pretty excited to hop back into that ship.  Titanfall 2 looks dope, and E3 happened with some things.

Also, it’s hot, y’all.  So hot that sometimes you have to do that clean hygiene wipe.   That’s what we get for not having a winter.


Episode 71

All right.  Show notes… hmmmm…

We drink Bee Happy which is a Honey Pale Ale from Holy City.  It’s good.

Jirah plays Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine.  It’s a good game, but can be difficult at parts.  He also picks up on a new podcast Hello, From the Magic Tavern and is enjoying that.  Plenty of inside jokes to go around with that podcast, and I just realized that the magical land is Foon; I thought it was Thun.  He also brought us a boat load of snacks from Japan where some are better than others.

Matt plays Doom and really enjoys the game.  He also played Overwatch, but we’ll get to that.

Merrick has passed off the things he doesn’t want to do to his wife who has taken up completing Thief, and is diving deep back into Xbox 360’s Peggle.

Now, Will.  Will hates League of Legends.  A lot.  Like, a whole lot.  Like, He’s talking about how much he loves something (Blizzard games) and are derailed to divulge how much he really does not like LoL.  But he does like movies, such as X-Men the new one and Deadpool.

We didn’t even talk about the other League that we don’t hate, eLeague. ELeague?  E League?  E-League? whatever.  It’s Counter-Strike, on TV, in public places.  It’s cool, but it’s also on late and I get up early.

We then talk about being embarrassed decades later, battle bots, automation, speculation on the Xbox rumors and upcoming E3 spectacle, as well as Star Wars: Rogue One re-shoots.

But don’t take my word for it! Have a listen…



Episode 70

This week we drink two beers.  Because one is not enough.  We have Rogue Voodoo Doughnut Mango Astronaut Ale which is quite good, and 21st Amendment’s Hell or High Watermelon ale.  It is also quite good, the fruit is not overpowering but delicious.

Jirah syncs his password in the cloud and shares with family all of his most deepest darkest web secrets.

Matt plays Doom and really likes it.  He plays Overwatch and really likes it.  He reads Ready Player One and he kinda likes it.  He’s just a likey kinda guy.

Merrick plays Thief and hates it.  He listens to a new podcast, Friends of the Table, and likes it; looking forward to a new season coming up.  He also dives into Hearthstone a bit, and isn’t sunk, but has little chance of escaping.

Will does some Pokemoning competitively and flexes that poke muscle pretty well, as well as squeezing in some Overwatch.

The crew moves on to talk about fast food restaurants and the liberal use of that word (FOOD) when it comes to Sbarro’s.  What’s coming up in June for Games with Gold on Xbox, as well as local constables ringing up criminals on their mobile telly asking them to be Canadian about the whole thing and turn themselves in to surprising results.  Also Deer are pretty dumb.


Episode 68

Podcasters assemble with a full crew this week. We celebrate by drinking Rebel Grapefruit IPA. It’s ok; mild on the grapefruit, mild on the IPA, to make a passable beverage.

Will has been busy playing the Pokémon themed Tekken fighter Pokén and diving into the Overwatch beta which has Over-shadowed (see what I did there?) the Battleborn release. Jirah plays a mobile game War Tortoise and Matt lights the world on fire by completing Dark Souls 3. Merrick has just been busy playing the Farmville clone, Stardew Valley.

Surprise, there is some more VR talk this week, with some new releases coming out, and the group that has tried the experience is fiending to jack back in.

It’s been busy week for games:

Oh, and everyone is shitting on the new Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer and loving all up on the Battlefield One trailer on YouTube.

But really, what makes a game? Is pushing a button a game? Sure. Why not? Go play some War Tortoise, VR, Stardew Valley, or Pokémon and don’t think too hard about these deep, troublesome metaphysical questions.

Episode 67

Move on, folks, nothing to see here. Merrick is out for this week, but the rest of the crew still gathers to do the dance.

They can barely contain themselves from talking about their VR experiences with the HTC Vive right off the bat, but they show amazing restraint and dive into Blizzard helping them get their Yoggs off as they talk Hearthstone, Overwatch, and Diablo.

Then they get down to the meat of it and talk about ditching Reality Reality for Virtual Reality. Matt realizes that he surely looks silly as all get out with the headset on, but they don’t care and go full Tony Stark with the games that are available.

Then they talk more about VR.

They finally move on to talk about reality that is virtual.

Oh, and Nintendo has something new coming out and are not doing anything in the near future to tell you what it is.

Jirah is mad that Merrick has ditched his connections to the physical and earthly gaming goods, but then points out that Comcast has done the unexpected and is implementing a policy that is pro-consumer, but you gotta pay.

Episode 66

The crew fully assembles to record this week’s episode of the MAC Address Podcast and the crew drinks Dale’s Pale Ale and Henry’s Hard Orange Soda.  Catching up on what happened in the past week or three they find it hard to stay on topic as they veer off into talk about the upcoming Hardcore Henry theatrical release.

Jirah experiences for himself the console-to-PC streaming capabilities of the Xbox to a pleasantly surprising good experience, then rescues his vault residents after abandoning them for months in the wasteland, and his other mobile game that plays itself with childish giggling about his guild’s name.

Will was too busy working and cosplaying as “Florida Man” to play many games, but finds some time to squeeze in Theatrythm jamming out to some Final Fantasy jams while the lady next to him on the flight thinks she’s dealing with a late stage Parkinson’s patient.

Matt got a new phone case with excellent practical joke potential and then exposes his crazy fake video game religion.  Sun for the Sun God, blood for the purple bros.  He also helped build a wall to Make His Backyard Great Again.  He also tried his darndest to figure out how to use a spray paint can.

Merrick wrapped up some video games off his achievement tracking list, tried out the Mirror’s Edge beta, and watched a show on Netflix.

In the news Romero tries to make another go at it, getting some people on board with his Kickstarter.  I remain skeptical, others do not as it’s already more than 10% of its way to the goal in the first 24 hours.

All Bangladeshi security experts must have migrated to India because their bank had so little security it surprising someone didn’t accidently steal money from them years ago.

Gearbox has a Borderlands has a movie in the works and Merrick is a bit jaded in regards to American violence in the media as news surfaces that they are aiming towards an hard “R” rating.

At some point Merrick starts to ramble on about how he doesn’t like the “half step” consoles coming from Sony; no word on Microsoft at this time.  By no means being articulate about his point, Merrick is pretty sure they’ll just fuck it up, while Jirah likes the possibility of a well executed granular updates to the hardware yearly.

The crew then recommends some stuff that I don’t remember.  I’m blaming Dale for the memory loss.